The Resource Delivery and Collaboration System for the BYOD classroom or workplace of tomorrow.

eLockers+ allows the targeted push of digital content, reminders, and even Apps or Websites to specific users, on specific days, in specific locations, automatically with one click.

With eLockers+  you can now quickly and easily add the dimensions of space, time and context to the delivery of tasks, content and apps.

Deploying on your local network solves the problem of  bandwidth bottlenecks and data privacy concerns

Simply drag content into a class elocker and all your users get it immediately.
Want your users to view a particular website, use a specific app, or read an important article?
Quickly share Apps, WebLinks, Notices and content with an entire class or group of users.

Introducing ProximityPush:

Developed in collaboration with Haileybury School in Australia and Bryanston School in the UK, we have taken the findings from two of the worlds largest 1:1 iPad / BYOD schools and combined this with the very latest iBeacon technology to create a whole new approach to the targeted delivery of learning.
Use our ProximityPush™ technology to have items delivered to a class or group automatically when students enter a physical classroom at a set point in time. 
Or remind students in your class of an upcoming exam as you pass them in the corridor.

If you liked it then you should have put a pin on it!

Introducing the amazing new Pinboard in eLockers+

Even IF you are not deploying mobile devices, eLockers+ makes it incredibly simple to engage and collaborate with your users.

Want to draw users attention to an item in an elocker?  Just pin it.
Want to deliver an eBook to the literature class next Wednesday at 3pm in room 103? Just pin it.


Want users to use a  specific app or website during today’s lesson? Just Pin it.

Introducing the Assignment Folder

eLockers+ provides One click creation of Assignment Workflows / folders
Solve the round trip of assignment task setting, collection, reflection and assessment with our simple yet extremely powerful new assignment workflow folder - Teachers can even set Apps as an assignment task

Report of submissions

CurationMap of assignment workflow (showing student dropfolders in each folder) including TurnItIn integration
eLockers+ even provides the ability to take the standard Assignment Workflow (template) and adjust it to your specific needs  and add in the power of learner matrix for ultimate assessment flexibility.

Engaging young learners?  It’s elementary

eLockers+ provides a simplified user interface for early learners:

CurationMap - Templates

CurationMaps provide a brand new approach to dealing with content abundance.  Simply drag and define your own folder workflow with automated curation of content.

We have taken our groundbreaking CurationMap technology to a new level with the ability to  export and import CurationMaps, and to save CurationMaps as templates.
Imagine the power of creating your own ePortfolio CurationMap and saving it as a template for your users to use. 
Imagine creating a CurationMap template for an International Baccalaureate  Internal Assessment?


With ProximityMaps, users can quickly scan an area and see any beacons / users / resources within their proximity that they have access to.  

With teams based in Hong Kong, Australia and the UK, we have over 20 years of software development experience. Our philosophy is that software designed for mobile devices should be useful, intuitive and provide elegant solutions to complex problems.

With a proven track record for developing mobile solutions for the education and medical fields, our team of software designers is chosen because they represent the best of breed from Australia, Russia, China and the United Kingdom.

At Specialist Apps we utilise industry standards, and proven rapid development methodologies to deliver solutions in a timely, cost effective manner. We make extensive use of version control, revision tracking and code repositories to ensure the long term support of the product being developed.

The Specialist Apps business model is extremely flexible, with the ability to scale up or down to meet the demand of the project at hand.

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